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 To my Secret Garden

Where anything planted with Love

Will Always Grow


This page is dedicated to My Best Friend JACKIE (AKA Jack). She has a

Kind and gentle spirit, a heart of gold, and she's pretty smart too J

Two things Jack and I both believe you can

Never have too much of.....

Coffee and Flowers


 My Secret Garden

Through my old iron gate, over the stone bridge, and down a shady lane



 Memories draw me back in time when as a child, I'd danced here in the rain

A BIG thank you to LOTH sister Cynthia (A Dove)

For making this beautiful picture for me


Pausing a moment I watch the blue green water dancing up from the spring











 I hear a bird so intense in his song; it must be of love that he sings



A delicate little butterfly floats by on the gentle summer's breeze

 Who could gaze at this rainbow in motion and not be deeply pleased?


The cool emerald grass beckons me to rest upon its soft leaf


I gaze up in wonderment of God's great heaven, I lay beneath


With my soul revived, my heart carefree, I feel blessed to be alive


 For a soul like the seed, needs nourishment to thrive


When the sun sinks low and I must be on my way



I smile because I know I'll return another day

Madona © 1999

 Oh yes and one thing more, Jack wouldn't know this was

From me without one of my dumb limericks so here goes...

My little Garden Fairy

My little garden fairy (who's never contrary)

How does your garden grow?

With rakes and pails and little weed trails

And hard earned calluses all in a row

Madona ©1999

  A special thanks to some of the people who made this page possible:

Cynthia (A Dove)

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